About us

RAUE «Gomelgosplempredpriyatie» and affiliates

Republican agricultural unitary enterprise «Gomelgosplempredpriyatie» is the center of a large-scale breeding to improve the breed and productive qualities of the cattle farms of the area, increasing the genetic potential of cattle through the use of genetic resources of the best bulls and breeding stock breeding farms of the region. To accomplish this, the main method of reproduction of the herd in the dairy farming is widespread adoption of artificial insemination of livestock breeding farms of all types of ownership of high quality semen sires, estimated on the quality of offspring.

RAUE «Gomelgosplempredpriyatie» provides:

Guide-breeding Affairs and the organization of the reproduction of the herd;

-Organization of the development and implementation of regional programs for the breeding and reproduction of farm animals;

-Preservation of the gene pool of breeding animals;

-Certification of breeding farms;

-Organization of the development and introduction of advanced technologies in the breeding business, artificial insemination of farm animals and rearing;

-Organization of the assessment bulls used for reproduction of the herd farms, regardless of their ownership;

-Exhibitions of breeding animals;

-Holding district and regional competitions workers on artificial insemination of cattle;

-International co-operation of specialists in the field of breeding.

The company provides 133 head cattle producers with the genetic potential of 10,993 kg of milk fat content of 4.12%. It also contains 16 goals on the maintenance steers elevere. Seed stock bulls – 7.5 million doses, including improvers – 2.45 million doses.

State breeding serves 647 points of artificial insemination of cattle. A year on farms of all types of ownership inseminated over 325,000 cows and heifers. Each year, inseminated semen of bulls, estimated on the quality of offspring – 99%, including bulls-improvers – 90%.

Department of Breeding and Breeding RAUE «Gomelgosplempredpriyatie» provides: preparation, analysis, adjustment and implementation programs for the reproduction and breeding of cattle, the formation of breeding base for the adopted programs, training of specialists and technicians in artificial insemination to work under current conditions, data collection, processing required periodic information on breeding and reproduction of the herd, process control, and practical assistance to district branches on reproduction and breeding cattle, breeding programs, according to the acquisition of companies in the region of pedigree cattle farm animals.

State breeding with spermobankom: provide for the maintenance and management of bulls of dairy, forming a sperm bank of valuable bulls of recognized breeds, farm supplies the semen of bulls, liquid nitrogen, instruments, reagents and consumables for artificial insemination.

Unit testing and evaluation of bulls provides testing and evaluation of breeding values of sires, shall record the productivity of the daughters of bulls verified, prepares reports on the evaluation of bulls, provides information processing breeding records on computers in the districts.

The company has branches in all regional centers of Gomel region, where they spend control and provide practical assistance to those skilled farm workers, and on artificial insemination of farm animals, their reproduction and breeding, and provide training and skills certification of technicians and points for artificial insemination. One of the best branches for several years are Gomel, Svetlogorsk and Rechitsa.